Royal Greenhouses

One of the activities of our company is the development and introduction of modern innovative technologies in greenhouse cultivation of fruits and vegetables, herbs and flowers. We are representatives of Turkish, Spanish, Korean, Chinese companies, which are leaders in the development, production, design and construction of modern greenhouses. In this regard, it allows us to offer our customers the most acceptable conditions.

Principles of
greenhouse design

Greenhouses from our company are resistant to corrosion and rust, are durable in accordance with international quality standards. All details are taken into account to ensure ideal climate conditions and comfort in greenhouses for the production of healthy crops. The design of greenhouses corresponds to the norms of the European standard TS EN 13031-1A15, which defines the rules for the design, structure and design of the greenhouse. Our greenhouses are made on the basis of metal and aluminum frame structures, which provide stability and durability. The carcass parts are galvanized by Zink and Magnelis that is why there are not subject of corrosion. The frame parts are galvanized and are not subject to corrosion. All equipment and components for the construction of greenhouses are produced in Turkey and Europe and correspond to international quality and safety standards.

Irrigation system
for greenhouses

The irrigation system for greenhouses is designed depending on the type of crop that is expected grow in it. In our greenhouses, irrigation can be drip and rain type, depending on the type of crop grown, and simultaneously with watering, liquid fertilizers and insecticides can be applied. The irrigation system is fully automatic and is regulated by using computer programs.

ventilation system

The ventilation system of the greenhouse, in addition to the flow-through electric fans, provides opening of the transoms in all spans of the greenhouse. The area of ventilation rows is up to 25% of the area of the roofing space. Such area of ventilation rows allows to provide air to the greenhouses to maintain optimal temperature parameters in periods with excessive solar radiation. Opening can be done automatically and remotely. The angle of the opening of the ventilation pans and the area of the ventilation rows regulated depending on the air temperature, wind speed and precipitation.


The heating system of the greenhouse is developed and completed in accordance with the initial technical requirements of the customer, taking into account the parameters of the heat carrier, the space-planning solutions and the technological layout of the equipment. The modes of heat consumption are determined by the technological purpose of consumers. Compensation for the heat losses of the greenhouse is made by the systems of lower, upper chimney and zonal water pipe heating. Heating control units are manufactured and supplied to maintain the required air temperature parameters in the greenhouse. Each part of the greenhouse heating system serves one greenhouse zone and operates in independent control mode, providing the same required parameters of the microclimate.

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