We have a large laying of fruit gardens on intensive technology in several countries, including in Uzbekistan.

Another area of ​​the company’s activity is the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of intensive gardening for the laying of intensive orchards “on a turn-key basis” using modern drip irrigation systems for qualitative improvement of fruits, increasing the specific fertility per hectare. To date, our company has built more than 600 hectares of intensive orchards throughout Uzbekistan. Another 400 hectares are at the stage of designing and supplying equipment. All our gardens successfully fructify and bring a stable profit to their owners. We carefully monitor all our gardens to ensure maximum performance over the years.


The process of cultivating plants in accordance with their physiological needs to achieve optimal biological and food quality and the maximum possible programmable yield by using special equipment and growing methods.

Advantages of working
with OSC

At the stage of the project launch, agronomists of the company come to the territory of the Customer, where it is planned to create an orchard. Depending on the type and composition of the soil, our experts will recommend suitable seedlings, the type and grade of fruit, and also will consult on the issue of preparatory work. Designing of the garden is made taking into account the local conditions and wishes of the Customer “on a turn-key basis”. Planting of seedlings, installation of a drip irrigation system, a system of wooden supports and a protective net are made. For 1-2 years our specialists monitor the state of the garden and conduct seasonal works (fertilizer application, chemical treatment, spraying, pruning, etc.) Our specialists during the formation of the garden conduct training for the Customer’s personnel. As a result, the customer receives a stable fruit-bearing garden.

of fruit trees

OSC grows and supplies various grades of certified, dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit seedlings. One-year-old seedlings with a developed root system are transplanted into a pre-prepared garden. Due to the quality of the seedlings, they take root very quickly. The percentage of survival is up to 90%. In the second year the seedlings begin to bear fruit. Depending on the variety of seedlings, timely care for them, the scheme of planting, climatic conditions and altitude, for 3 years the yield per hectare can be up to 50 tons, and for 4-5 years to 100 tons! Thanks to modern intensive technologies of horticulture, farmers have the opportunity to reduce direct costs for chemicals and fertilizers, and an automated drip irrigation system to reduce water consumption. Varieties of seedlings from OSC are determined by agreement between the Seller’s agronomist and the Buyer’s preferences. M9 dwarf seedlings are more productive, but they require additional support and protection against hail, as well as 30% of the shade, so in addition to the dwarf seedlings, we also supply more unpretentious MM106 semi-dwarf seedlings.

Drip irrigation

For irrigation of dwarf and semi-dwarf seedlings, we use drip irrigation system to minimize water consumption and provide plants with equal doses of fertilizers for growth and development. In apple orchards, where the drip irrigation system is installed, irrigation is provided by pressing the button from the central console. Thus, one person can control irrigation of hundreds hectares of garden. With the help of the drip irrigation system, it is possible, with minimum water consumption, to keep soil moisture within optimal limits, this ensures intensive root breathing throughout the whole growth cycle, not interrupting on time or immediately after irrigation. Soil oxygen allows the root system to function actively. The root system develops better than with another method of irrigation. The bulk of the roots focus on the dropper zone, the root system becomes more fibrous, with an abundance of active root hairs. The intensity of consumption of water and nutrients increases.

Supporting wooden

To support the seedlings and install a protective net, wooden poles are needed. The wooden form gives the maximum balance and convenience in application, and also takes up little space, is quickly mounted and more durable, and wear-resistant compared to reinforced concrete poles. The supporting wooden construction from OSC is wooden poles that have passed several cycles of high-temperature and chemical treatment in industrial autoclaves with the special composition «Tanalith-E» manufactured by ARCH Timber Protection Ltd. (Great Britain) due to what they do not bend, do not break down, do not decay, do not absorb moisture and serve more than 50 years.

anti-hail net

The protective net stretches over the entire area of the orchard and serves for: • Protect from strong sunlight and radiation. • Protection against hail, birds and storm wind. • Maintain the required humidity balance. • Uniform color of the fruit. The protective net from OSC produced in Europe from composite materials (HDPE) on special equipment that ensures its durability and strength. The service life of the nets is 10 years and above.

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