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OSC is a multidisciplinary company that is engaged in the implementation of projects of refrigeration and freezing cold stores, warehouses “turnkey” of any complexity, as well as the supply of sets of new technological industrial equipment for the construction of refrigeration and freezing warehouses, for long-term storage of vegetables, fruits, food and pharmaceutical preparations. The company’s projects are applied in various industries, where it is necessary to create conditions for storage or freezing of products. OSC’s activities are aimed at providing customers with high-quality industrial refrigeration equipment for storing and freezing fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, other food products and pharmaceuticals.

Cold store

Cold store is assembled from sandwich panels with a thickness of 80 and 100 mm. Refrigeration chambers are designed for storage and cooling of products at medium temperatures (from -5 ° C to + 5 ° C). They are used to maintain the temperature when storing food products (fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, wines, pharmaceuticals, fur products) in commercial and warehouse premises, food markets, food production, etc. Assembling the cameras does not require special tools. Cameras are easily assembled from prefabricated panels with the help of built-in locks. The cells use a humidification system.


Deep-freezing stores (or low-temperature refrigerating chambers) are intended for maintain the temperature necessary for storing frozen foods (meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, etc.). Freezing chambers can be installed both indoors and outdoors (under a canopy). The temperature regime of the freezing chambers is from 0 ° C. The temperature regime of the freezing chambers is from 0 ° C to -20 ° C. In the design and construction of freezing chambers, heat-insulating panels with a thickness of 100-120-150 mm are used.

Cold stores equipped
with CA system

For long-term storage of vegetables and fruits, in addition to the cooling system, special technological equipment is used that allows to significantly improve fruit quality, hardness, coloring, freshness, acidity, and also to reduce shrinkage, during long-term storage. For each kind of fruit, it is necessary to create the proper composition of the controlled atmosphere. Storage of vegetables and fruits, fruits in a controlled atmosphere (CA) Regulated gas environment or controlled atmosphere (CA) is the storage of fruits at a certain concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen at a given temperature. Moreover, the gas regime is selected in such a way as to preserve the real respiratory gas exchange and the correct relationship between the state of the fruit and the temperature of the medium. Fruits placed in a closed environment, due to normal respiratory metabolism, can change the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. When storing fruits, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases and, accordingly, the partial pressure decreases. That is why the breathing of the fruit slows down and, as a consequence, the fruit storage period increases.

Shock freezing

Shock freezing chambers are used to freeze food products such as meat, poultry, fish, offal, vegetables, berries, etc. The shock frost chamber is a heat-insulating circuit in which trolleys with semi-finished products move or the products are loaded into a working chamber on pallets. Freezing products are loaded and unloaded periodically, which allows you to get the requested temperature in the product. The temperature regime of shock chambers is from -25°С to -40°С. In the design and construction of shock-freezing chambers, heat-insulating panels with a thickness of 200 mm are used.

Dual mode

The dual mode of the compressor device allows to use the refrigerating chamber both in the mid-temperature mode -5 / + 5°С, and in the low-temperature mode -18 / -25 °С, that is, this chamber can be used for both refrigerated and frozen products.

Vegetable store and
ventilation chambers

The modern vegetable store is the optimal solution for those who want to ensure the maximum safety of the harvested crop and profitable to invest, spending at least a minimum of time and effort. Vegetables storing chambers from our company are based on a joint technology that regulates the temperature and humidity of the product storage. There is also a possibility of both cooling and heating depending on the season. All this provides ideal conditions for maintaining the quality of vegetable crops for a long time and allows you to get the maximum profit from the sale of products. In the storage rooms of vegetables, as a rule, a system of forced ventilation is designed and installed in conjunction with natural exhaust ventilation.

Cold processing

Some types of food production require that technological processes take place in cold halls. These include the processing of meat, milk, poultry, fish, etc. Our company designs and builds turnkey projects of this kind. In addition to cold halls, such plants also have refrigeration and freezing chambers, as well as shock freezing chambers. Thereby this, when designing such facilities, we can reduce the cost of the project by including centralized equipment in it, which can operate at once several types of cameras and workshops simultaneously with adjusting the parameters for each room separately. All equipment supplied by our company for cold halls meet not only fire and environmental safety standards, but also the most stringent sanitary and hygienic standards for such equipment.

ripening rooms

Bananas are collected and stored in a physiological state, far from full maturity. To ripen bananas, they must undergo a certain chemical-physiological process. Ethylene and mixtures with atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide are used for ripening. The chamber maintains the necessary parameters: temperature, relative humidity, air circulation and air exchange, the amount and concentration of the gas mixture. Modes of work in the process of ripening vary daily according to a certain algorithm set by the controller. The air in the chamber circulates around each box. This leads to the fact that the maximum difference in the temperature of the pulp of bananas at different points in the chamber can reach 3-40 ° C. The process of ripening is regulated manually by the operator, who must constantly monitor the condition of bananas and change the climatic conditions in time on the camera. To create the same conditions for cooling the bananas along the entire length of the chamber, third generation cameras were designed, in these chambers the air coolers are located along the entire length of the chambers above the inter-pallet space.

Heat Insulation

Heat insulation panels are used in the construction of refrigeration and freezing complexes, as well as for the warming of industrial premises and small warehouses, as well as for the erection of subsidiary and technological buildings To maintain the desired temperature in refrigerating and freezing rooms, thermal insulation, sealing and sterility are necessary. For hermetic thermal insulation, we use thermo-insulated sandwich panels from the new generation QuadCore hybrid from Kingspan (Ireland). Kingspan is the only company that uses this know-how in the production of sandwich panels, and also gives guarantees and technical support for years to come. In this regard, we propose to use a sandwich panel of this particular company, as opposed to local producers.


The QuadCore is a major milestone on the way to highly efficient buildings that outperform their predecessors, not only in the field of environmental protection, but also in the commercial sphere. The scientific breakthrough has led to the emergence of a completely new base material for our insulating panels, which have the best thermal properties in the industry, excellent fire protection, and high environmental friendliness. The new QuadCore technology allows you to reduce the thickness of panels by 20% or more, while maintaining the thermal insulation properties, and thus reduce the weight and costs when transporting new panels. All the heat-insulating panels supplied by us meet all the strictest standards of fire safety. The Quadcore filler used in the manufacture of panels is not combustible, not easily flammable, and not glowing.

Cold rooms with
Shuttle system

Shuttle racking system is used to maximize the use of space in the storage area. Cooling the warehouse is always costs, so it’s very important to use every cubic meter of the refrigerator room rationally. The equipment of a refrigerated warehouse with racks is an indispensable condition, allowing to operate, a warehouse in full, to maintain order and easy access to each pallet. The most convenient, fast and expedient system from all offered is the automatic racking system Shuttle. In such racks Shuttle machines with remote control are used, which allows to automatically move goods located on the pallet inside the channel of the rack, to deliver the loaded goods to the end of the channel, loading the racking system and feeding the pallet to the unloading side. Pallet racks with the Shuttle system can be used for both FIFO and LIFO inventory methods. Therefore, this racking system is a very effective alternative to Flow rack and Drive-in racking systems, especially for Cold and Freezing rooms.


Modular IQF tunnels are freezing tunnels designed to quickly freeze large volumes of products using IQF technology (Individually Quick Frozen). The whole construction is made on the basis of stainless steel. The tunnel has two conveyors, which constitute a two-level freezing system. The products enter through the loading conveyor onto the first belt. At this point, cold air passes through the products, rapidly freezing their surface in the shortest possible time. After that, the frozen objects get to the second conveyor, where there is complete freezing and they are unloaded from the system. Usually in such tunnels frozen vegetables, fruits, whole berries, greens, young peas, corn. Also such tunnels can work with shock freezing of meat, seafood, offal, dough products, etc. Frozen in IQF tunnels products have a natural appearance and well-preserved shape and color and can be stored much longer without compromising taste, nutritional value and appearance.

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